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DC has successfully reset the bar!….. For their cinematic universe at least.
That being said, Wonder Woman was simply incredible, and if we’re aiming for the pun, it was simply “Wonderful”. HA!
Seriously though, this film was perfect, it was everything a solo Wonder Woman movie should be and more than I ever thought it could be. Think Captain America: The First Avenger, meets the first Thor but cloaked in that DCEU Man of Steel-esque, Zack Snyder-y tone. Brilliant.

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Speaking more in depth to the tone of the movie, the dual tonality with the light and beautiful story opening on Themyscira for Diana’s origins, crossing over into the bleak darkness of The Great War for the meat of the story really added a sense of individualism for the 2 major acts in Wonder Woman’s story thus far.
As for Wonder Woman herself and the rest, this movie was perfectly casted, all the way down to Steve Trevor’s assistance (Lucy Davis) who really took the lead on maintaining a silver lining of lighthearted humor throughout the film… Something the previous DCEU films really needed.
Chris Pine…. DAMN IT CHRIS PINE!! Chris Pine gives us an absolutely fantastic Steve Trevor but, and this is my own personal issue, I really wish that DC saw what I see in Chris and offered him the role of Hal Jordan in a future Green Lantern movie rather than the role of Steve Trevor. Plus the fact that Steve Trevor had such a pilot vibe to him only enforced the Hal Jordan feel.. Again, that’s just the rantings of a Green Lantern fanboy, fantasy casting the perfect Green Lantern movie, and not an issue with Pine’s portrayal of Steve because he was perfect.
I don’t really feel like we need to talk too in depth about Gal Gadot and her portrayal of Wonder Woman. We saw how perfect she was for the role back in BvS, hell she was one of the only redeeming factors in that movie. In short, everything you loved about Gal in BvS you get tenfold in Wonder Woman.

Now it’s not incredibly often that I’m caught off guard when is comes to plot twists in superhero films, but this one got me. Throughout the film there is a significant focus placed on 2 possible big bads, who are in a sense ARE the 2 big bads, however neither one is the THE big bad… and the person who turned out to be Ares, I honestly did not see coming. Can I add, while we’re on the topic, that Ares could not have looked any better? Good lord he looked like they just pulled him off the printed page and threw him on the screen. Then the fight, that final fight between Wonder Woman and Ares was so beautifully executed and, though this is where the movie took that turn from Cap to Thor, in no way felt out of place within the progression of the film up to that point.

I was really please with the villain twistl, there was a point in the film where the resolution that Diana had been chasing felt really anticlimactic and I started having BvS flashbacks, and though Doctor Poison turned out to be less important than we had been lead to believe for this story, I have faith that she’ll be playing a pretty important part in the DCEU as a whole, particularly in future Batman based stories.
I’m pretty confident in my theory that the gas our suspected Ares had been inhaling throughout the movie will be the base for what will become the Venom that the DCEU Bane uses when and if he appears in a future Bat based film.

All and all Wonder Woman was a huge and a much needed win for DC. Is it the best superhero film to come out in recent years? No. DC still has a ways to go still to meet the Marvel standard, but there is no arguing that this is hands down the best DC has offered since the birth of their cinematic universe. Please don’t assume that this means that Wonder Woman doesn’t hold up against the MCU films, it definitely surpasses movies like Thor: The Dark World, Ant-Man, and even Doctor Strange, all really fun films, but none of which hold a candle to Wonder Woman. I’ll also throw this in as a closing thought.. Had they released a standalone Batman film after Man Of Steel and then given us this exact Wonder Woman movie, Batman v. Superman would have worked much better.

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