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For the first time in MCU history, I am stoked for a Thor movie.
This isn’t to say that I wasn’t looking forward to seeing the previous Thor films, but to say I was excited for them would be a lie. That has all changed with Ragnarok.

What a cool way to open a teaser, every time I watch Thor fall, and somewhat unwind from that chain, I can feel the shock when he hits the end.
They really waste no time either on showing how epic this movie is setting up to be with Hela crushing Mjölnir in her hand, I mean come on, that’s huge. Speak of Hela, she looks incredible, especially when they show her full headdress, brilliant cast with Cate Blanchett.
With the MCU Thor being more “alien” than “god”, as revealed in Thor: The Dark World, I really like the more Guardians of the Galaxy vibe that they’ve got with for this movie. (Related side note Jeff Goldblum, as the Grandmaster, made a really subtle cameo in the end credits scroll for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.)
I’m also really digging Thor’s new “battle arena” look and his reaction to seeing HULK was priceless.
Marvel absolutely nailed it with this teaser and I genuinely can’t wait to see more.

What a way to kick off the week leading into San Diego Comic Con 2017.
If the teaser trailer wasn’t epic enough, Marvel completely blew fans…or maybe just me… out of the water with the first official trailer for Ragnarok, even with 50% of the trailer footage being reused from the teaser!
What I think I love most is that we’re seemingly getting a funnier and more lighthearted Thor, like we’ve seen in the Avengers movies, opposed to the Thor solo films wherein Thor was portrayed more as that conventional stoic demigod that we know from the comics.
The added scenes that the trailer has that the teaser didn’t are more focused on Bruce Banner and the HULK.
Can we just take a second to reflect on what an awesome team up this is? I assume that Ragnarok takes place during the same time as Civil War, which provides a perfect explanation as to why both HULK and Thor weren’t around for that event.
Hela really has a chance at being one of my favorite MCU villains, and on a recent Comic Crypt Feildmouse and I chat about Hela being the personification of “Death” that Thanos ultimately obsesses over.
It’s looking like the base storyline of Ragnarok itself is going to be huge, and I feel like the whole Planet HULK aspect of the movie is going to be a small piece of the overall plot puzzle.. Which is fine with me.
Last but far from least, did everyone else geek hard over HULK finally speaking?! Oh man… I didn’t even realize how much I wanted to see that happen.

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