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Jay finally saw Thor: Ragnarok! Give a listen to his review and keep in mind that he was sick as a dog at the time this was recorded and some technical issues occurred when he started talking about Valkyrie so he had to rerecord half the episode…. The things he does for you people..

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The only downside to this movie is that it was too good to be third in the series. Rarely does a sequel blow the original out of the water, but even more rare is when the sequel’s sequel crushes the rest. In the case of the Thor franchise, the 3rd time was most definitely the charm, and I’ve been left wanting more, but know that this film was likely the last… Last solo Thor film at least… for a while.

No time was wasted in introducing us to a far less Shakespearean version of our hero than we have grown to know over the 4 previous films. This Thor is charming and funny without loosing his godlike aura and demeanor. One could actually argue that this was the most epic version of the god of thunder that we’ve ever seen… even without his hammer and while pretty consistently getting his butt kicked.

The supporting cast couldn’t have been better. Hulk, Valkyrie and even Loki added an outstanding personalized dynamic to the story that was important to the film’s resolution, while not stealing the show from our title hero. Though a seemingly unnecessary cameo, yes it served a purpose, but anyone could have really played the part, Doctor Strange was a really fun addition to the experience and really added another layer to how the whole MCU links together in this ever growing shared universe.

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