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Guillermo del Toro you brilliant and glorious bastard…

Comic Crypt‘s Feildmouse turned me on to this trailer and changed my world. I can’t simply just say that I’m excited.. the emotions that this trailer evokes within my soul shatter the human comprehension of the word excitement.
Now you may be thinking “Jay you’re overreacting”, or maybe I’m seeing something that you’re not… and unless you’re a Hellboy fan, I am definitely seeing something you aren’t…

Let’s just start with what’s on the surface..
Guillermo del Toro is a true master of his craft, there isn’t a single piece of media that he has put his name on that I did not love… Especially Hellboy.
Visually this trailer is stunning, and the story line appears to be really killer take on Beauty & the Beast..but set in the 60’s.. and with a fish monster.
That alone would be enough to get me out of the house… But that’s not what has me so excited.

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Now I haven’t seen anything that solidifies what I’m about to accuse this movie of being.. but I’m also not the only fanboy who is preaching this theory…
If you’re reading this, then I feel it’s safe to assume that you are a comicbook fan to some degree, be it as a reader, a fan of the movies or TV shows, maybe, like myself, you’re a fan of all of it. Under that assumption, I also assume this means that you are, at the very least, familiar with the character Hellboy. If not from the comics, you’re definitely at least aware of Hellboy via the 2 Guillermo del Toro movies, Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), staring Ron Perlman as Hellboy and Doug Jones as Abe Sapien. Supposedly del Toro had always intended on making his Hellboy run a trilogy, with an added Abe Sapien spin-off film thrown into the mix to build upon the universe..
This was all of course shot to hell by the announce me of a Hellboy reboot staring David Harbour titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen and is said to be rated R, reflecting all the horror capabilities tied to such a rating… which to be honest, sounds pretty awesome. However, no matter how awesome that may sound, it still killed any potential of us getting an Abe Sapien movie from Guillermo del Toro… or did it?

I fully believe that The Shape of Water IS that Abe Sapien movie that del Toro intended on doing but cleverly disguised as an unrelated “other-worldly fairy tale” film…
Aside from the creature being a blue aquatic humanoid, who apparently enjoys eggs as a snack… Doug Jones is listed at the top of the cast list for this film on IMDB.. Did I mention that Doug Jones played Abe Sapien in both Hellboy and Hellboy II?

Now I could be wrong.. Again, there is absolutely no official word, at this time, by anyone associated with the production of the film that this movie is about Abe Sapien or tied to the Hellboy universe in anyway.
But come on… Look at it…

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