The Flash #21: The Button Part 2 | Comic Commentary

Back to the Batcave..
So Part one of “The Button” left us in the Batcave with a beat to sh!t Batman, and a skeleton that once was Eobard Thawne, AKA The Reverse Flash.
Barry Allen being the stellar crime scene investigator that he is has turned the cave into… Well… A crime scene..

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Don’t worry, Bruce is ok… of course he is… He’s the f@cking Batman! That’s not to say that Bruce is in tip top shape by any means… He’s actually pretty beat up, and from what it looks like, lying in bed with a morphine drip in hand.
So of course, in true Barry Allen fashion, Flash takes everything that’s happening personally and let’s his guilt get to him… In the most epic way possible.
For the fist time, I believe, since Flashpoint, Berry decided to dust off the Ol’ Cosmic Treadmill in as attempt to find out who this unknown force, with the ability to steal time, actually is.

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As Barry prepares to depart through space and time, the most expected thing happens.. HA, and I don’t say that as if it’s a bad thing, it’s just never surprising when Batman acts like Batman. So as anyone could have guessed, Bruce is out of bed, caped, cowled and ready to go. Flash put ups little bit of a fight but, when it comes down to it, even Barry knows that there is no bossing Batman around, and Bruce kind of killed the argument when he batcuffed himself to the Cosmic Treadmill.

As Barry gets up to speed, the duo set off on their journey through the speed force and that is always the queue for sh!t to hit the fan. After the expected unexpected happens our heroes end up back in a variation of where they started… A Batcave.

P.S. I really liked this issue.

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