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Talk about an epic payoff.. and no I don’t feel like it’s too soon to say that, this trailer rules.
It took us 5 movies and roughly 10 hours to build us up for Marvel’s The Avengers but it’s taken 5 seasons, though 4 series, and roughly 65 hours to get to
Marvel’s The Defenders… think about that for a minute. We are WAY more invested in the characters who comprise this team than we ever were for any of the Avengers.

Now I’m not saying that as fans we weren’t all very invested in each member of The Avengers leading up to the first Avenger’s film, of course we were, they’re Legacy characters and without The Avengers we wouldn’t be getting The Defenders.. BUT the amount of time that we’ve spent with each member of The Defenders, Luke Cage and Daredevil especially, adds a completely different level of developed interest in each character and the team as a whole.

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The trailer is amazing, the tone is pitch perfect to the vibe of all 4 series, they seemingly shows us who meets who first, and they spoil the return of Elektra but, lets be honest, who didn’t know that was going to happen?
I had expected that Matt and Luke would meet through Matt maybe being Luke’s attorney, given that Luke Cage season 1 ended with Luke being arrested, but it’s more fun seeing Jessica being arrested by Misty Knight. Plus, It’s a fun nod to the comics having Luke and Danny team up first, shout out to the Heroes For Hire. I am interested however to see how, when and to who Matt first reveals his secret identity.

Now for a little bit of my personal speculations…
Assuming that The Defenders will need a devastating turn of events to push them into coming together and operating as a team, much like the Avengers had with the loss of Agent Coulson, I’m predicting that sort of tragedy to be centered around Claire Temple. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe saving New York will be enough to lock The Defenders together as a team… but I’m not seeing Claire Temple listed on the cast for The Punisher series.. Clair as been in every Marvel Netflix series so far… and she is ultimately that x factor that has connected all these characters to one another.

Trailer 2 is leaving me feeling numb… But in a good way. I already know I’m excited for this series, I’ve been itching for this since they announced the Netflix crossover. At this point another trailer is just cruel.. I’m ready, I’VE BEEN READY!!
I really enjoyed each of these characters on their own, and I love the idea of them as a team even more. Above all else this second trailer shows off the stoic beauty that is this team’s dynamic. Where The Avengers are shiny and well polished, The Defenders are grit and grunge, the punks of the MCU.

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