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I had been waiting for this series since they announced the crossover. Since the first Avengers movie, cinematic superhero team-up have been the way to my hart.
Before we get into my synopsis of the series as a whole, give my Defenders Trailer Talk a read an see how it stacks up.

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Episode 1
Set up, set up and even more set up.. so needless to say, we got off to a fairly slow start. However, they wasted little to no time diving into the crossovers, but it wasn’t between the heroes, it was with supporting characters interacting with each other or with a hero from another series. It was a solid move as a way to keep things interested as we fought through all the tedious set up. Foggy being the lawyer to get Luke Cage out of prison was my favorite into interaction.
As we saw in Daredevil season 2, Nelson and Murdock are no more, and more than that, Matt has apparently retired from being Daredevil.
Danny and Colleen haven’t missed a beat since the end of Iron Fist season 1, just doing a whole lot more or the same old thing. Jessica too, still working the P.I. game and hanging out with Hellcat.
Tonally they really made each hero’s scenes feel as much like their respective series did.. Daredevil’s scenes were very red, Jessica’s purple, Luke’s yellow and Danny’s green… Lots of strobe light vibes too..
We’re also introduced to Sigourney Weaver’s character, Alexandra Reid, who at this point all know is not in good health and seemingly intimidates Madame Gao.
Again, not a whole lot to report on the debut episode of this event, things felt a little rushed and forced into fitting in a single hour. Definitely an introduction episode designed to lay the groundwork of what’s inevitable to come.

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Episode 2.
An “earthquake” gives us a solid push in right direction, but ultimately this is still a groundwork episode, setting the stage for the inevitable things to come. We get a little bit more crossover interaction between Heroes and supporting characters, Jessica and Misty Knight mainly, which makes for some pretty fun interactions. Both Jessica and Luke pick up “cases” and set off to resolve seemingly separate issues, you know, doing what superheros do. Matt is having a really hard time not hitting the streets as Daredevil, he comes off like an addict fighting his need for a fix. Though Nelson and Murdock is no more, both Matt and Foggy have continued with practicing law. While Matt is still working the pro bono angle, Foggy have moved on to bigger and more financially lucrative gigs… like keeping an eye on Jessica Jones. Most importantly, this episode hits the hardest right at the end, when Luke’s face meets the Iron Fist.

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Episode 3
Welcome back Elektra!The ball has officially started rolling! This episode opens the floodgates, it opens slowly, but opens none the less. Stick hits and Stick hits hard. We get a better understanding of the role Stick has been playing since Daredevil season 1, and I don’t know about you, but I didn’t expect him to give The Hand a hand… HA! This is the episode wherein our heroes start teaming up, and in what feels like a completely natural way. The way Matt and Jessica meet completely makes sense and ties directly into the previous interaction between Matt and Foggy. Technically Danny and Luke meet in episode 2, but thanks to Clair they are brought together and face some social commentary head on in a very fluid way, nothing about how things are progressing feels forced and I really appreciate that. 3 of our heroes are all separately lead to the same location, following the tracks set into place by their individual cases.. and Matt tags along. More often than not, the 3rd episode of a Marvel Netflix series offers an epic fight scene, and The Defenders absolutely holds to that tradition. I was truly brilliant seeing these 4 heroes fighting together for the first time. It hit all the same heart strings that the battle of New York scene from the first Avengers movie did.

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Episode 4
And we’re off! Our team has been assembled and are getting to know each other. The dynamic of The Defenders is pretty awesome, 2 are aware of The Hand and on board with the mystical chaos that has befallen New York, and 2 are still having a hard time buying into it all. Jessica flexes her detective muscle on Matt, Danny starts acting a little Stark-ish, Stick has moved in as the Nick Fury figure and Luke… well Luke is just a bad ass. One of our Defenders lets their doubts get the best of them, but makes an EPIC return by the episode’s end interrupting the Hand’s attempt to kidnap Danny and… well.. kill everyone else. From what I can tell the majority of the trailer footage was pulled mainly from the first 4 episodes with the exception of couple clips, so I can only assume the best is yet to come.

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Episode 5
Things have escalated quickly.. and Elektra is mean.. but Matt somehow taps into the inner Elektra and defuses the situation a little bit. Ultimately a swarm of undead ninjas proves to be more than our heroes were ready for in that moment and everyone bails.. but not without Luke taking a hostage. At this point, no one has worn a mask really, and even though Matt did hid his face for a bit, with Elektra on the side of The Hand, no one close to our heroes is safe. That being said, Misty Knight comes into play big time organizing protective custody for all of our secondary characters from each respective series. While all this is happening, Elektra, presumable inspired by coming face to face with Matt again, goes to his apartment for a nap and a walk down memory lane.

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Episode 6
At this point it becomes pretty apparent to at least 3 of our heroes that Danny is who The Hand is really after and take it upon themselves to take whatever action necessary to keep that from happening… obviously with the exception of of killing him. Once Danny is subdued, Luke and Stick are tasked with babysitting Danny as Matt and Jessica head out to do some detective work.. it’s more superheroes becoming super friends and I love it. Now remember when I mentioned that Danny was subdued by any means necessary with the exception of being revealed of his life?… Yeah, everyone was on the same page with that plan aside from Stick. Lucky for Danny, Stick doesn’t have that much time to explore any other options thanks to Elektra.. not because Elektra is cool, but because she’s still on her Hand mission. OH! And fun side note, Matt knows how to play the DareDevil opening theme on piano.

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Episode 7
This episode brings just about everyone together under one roof.. at least all the good guys, with the exception of Danny, and Misty plays good cop, kind of bad cop and a little bit of rouge cop. Danny and Elektra get some solid 1 on 1 time, nothing romantic.. she just wants him for his fist and oh boy does Danny’s fist give her what she wants. Not really a spoiler but maybe a little bit.. We finally get something that I wish we had gotten in the Iron Fist series.

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Episode 8
Ok… so in an effort to avoid spoilers there isn’t really anything I can say about this episode, literally everything that happens needs to be seen and not read. I hope that I gave you enough in the first 7 paragraphs to convince you to watch this series, because it’s INCREDIBLE. If you noticed my reviews of the episodes became shorter and shorter in my attempt to avoid spoiling anything. I literally touched on all the points that I felt were interesting yet safe enough to keep the wow factor of watching everything for yourself alive.
I will say this, and it’s the only spoiler I will offer, so stop reading now if you want to avoid it… To be honest it’s really only a spoiler to comic readers and I’m going to keep it vague.. All I’m going to say about the ending of The Defenders is.. Daredevil: Born Again.

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