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To say that I’m excited for this movie is a dire understatement, and this trailer has only fueled the fire of my anticipation.

A few things that really grabbed my attention..
The teaser for The Last Jedi seems to follow the exact same beats that the teaser for The Force Awakens did, a soft opening to a dramatic punch of one of out heroes seemingly in some sort of distress.

It’s undeniable that Rey is being trained by Luke as I’m sure that we had all collectively expected.. But I’m not entirely convinced that Luke is training Rey to be a Jedi. Luke’s voice ask’s “What do you see?” and laced behind Rey’s reply are some almost unintelligible whispers. Rey gives us the standard “Light”, “Darkness” (Was that a smashed Darth Vader Helmet? A subtle reflection of how this film is completely breaking away from the original trilogy and Star Wars lore as were once knew it?), “The Balance”.. and Luke responds with “It’s so much bigger”… then Luke’s big bombsehell “I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end”.

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Now my fanboy analysis:
I’m thinking Luke took his own training to a whole new level, a level that Yoda and Obi-Wan would not have approved of. I don’t by any means believe that Luke has gone Dark Side, but I also don’t think that Luke would have entirely kept to the light.
After Vader destroyed the Emperor, Return of the Jedi showed us that Anakin’s spirit became available through The Force, for a son who grew up not knowing his parents, it’s foolish to think that Luke wouldn’t have taken advantage of this new found accessibility to his father.
Though Anakin did restore balance to The Force by ending the rein of the Sith doesn’t mean that his faith in the Jedi order had followed suit.
Luke’s rushed training by the last 2 known Jedi Knights had to have left holes in his understanding of the true nature of the Jedi Order, holes that I’d like to think he didn’t stop seeking to fill.
It’s clear, to me at least, that Yoda and Obi-Wan would have provided Luke with a very one-sided story. Vader was a traitor one who could never be redeemed, and with how Anakin left The Order, that’s completely understandable. Luke however felt the restored light within his father right before Anakin’s death. If Luke were to hold a continued connection to his father after Anakin’s death, Luke would be provided an entirely new view into how the Jedi Order truly operated.
Luke’s closing statements of there being so much more to the force and that the Jedi Order needing to end leads me to believe that Luke may have opened the door into the whole “Gray Jedi” phenomenon that has been becoming more prevalent in recent years.
Luke may blame the original Order for what had happened to his family, or under Anakin’s influence mad have tapped into the Dark Side while continuing his independent mastery of the force and expanding his understanding into what the “balance” of The Force truly means.

Does true “balance” of The Force mean that it’s wielder must hold an even mastery of both the Light and The Dark?
If so, then the Jedi are just as guilty as the Sith it’s misuse and therefore must also be put to an end.

Back in 2015, San Diego Comic Con provided J.J. Abrams an outlet to show us an incredible behind the scenes look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now 2 years later Disney’s D23 Expo has held to tradition, giving us our second look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
First off, can I just say that I love these behind the scene reels almost as much, if not just as much, as seeing a new trailer?… They’re brilliant.

Here’s what came to mind while I watched, and feel free to hit play to follow along:

– Right away we’re teased with a couple new sets, quickly followed by some familiar characters… or at least pieces of them.
– Is it just me or is there a crazy amount of red imagery tied to The Last Jedi? (Have you seen the character posters?)
– Aside from the obvious, i.e. Luke and Leia, all of our characters looks older.. or is more mature a better way of putting it..?
– Speaking of Leia, seeing Carrie Fisher really hit my heart, and brought a joyful tear to my eye.
– It was really neat to see how they set up the Mo-cap for Luke’s robotic hand.
– Those new First Order Stormtrooper weapons look pretty killer.
– I really hope Captain Phasma gets to play a larger role this time around, She seems like she’s the perfect nemesis for Fin.
– I’m also really looking forward to seeing Rey’s lightsaber skills after some formal training from Luke.
– Call me crazy, but is that a Wookiee in the cockpit of an X-Wing?!
– Benicio del Toro’s character looks cool, not as evil as I had initially expected… but that was a fanboy dream.
– All the practical, costumed and Animatronic, creatures look incredible!
– It was silly for me to think that Kylo wouldn’t have more than one helmet.
– This looks like it’s going to be a very explodey movie!

Long story short, this movie looks incredible.
I feel like everything we’ve been teased with indicates a dark side heavy tone, and in my humble fan boy opinion, the dark side driven films are always the best of the trilogies, Revenge of The Sith and The Empire Strikes Back are hard proof to that theory… and no, The Phantom Menace doesn’t count, because that movie was about nothing.

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