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There is always a surreal feeling after something you’ve been looking forward to for so long finally happens…
Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally happened and, 12 hours after seeing it, I’m just starting to come down from my fanboy high.


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I’m just going to come right out and say it, I absolutely loved The Last Jedi. There was very little to nothing at all that I did not enjoy.
Yes, even the Leia using the force to float through space made me happy. So anyone who is spewing all this vile hatred at the film is simply wrong.
That may seem like a pretty arrogant thing to say, “because everyone is entitled to their own opinion”, but no.. Have you listened to my podcasts?! The opinions of those that I don’t agree with 100% don’t matter and are invalid. HA! This movie was fantastic and has filled me with endless HOPE for the future of the franchise.

There were countless, what I like to call, “Oh Sh!t” moments laced throughout the entirety of the film and each one kicked me in the guts in a different way.

Lets start from the beginning..
The Last Jedi picks up exactly where The Force Awakens ends.. which is weird for a Star Wars film, in the past there has always been at least a year or 2 that passes in between each movie. The Force Awakens ends with Rey offering Luke Anakin’s lightsaber.. We’ve waited 2 (real life) years to find out how Luke reacts to this gesture, and what does he do? He throws it over his shoulder and off a cliff! A far from subtle way of expressing absolutely no interest in acknowledging who he is. HA!

There was A LOT happening in this movie, but the story line was pretty straight forward and not complicated at all, much like the prequels were.
To sum it up, The First Order was chasing the Resistance through space and held the unexpected ability to track them through hyper space.
Poe and Finn, along with their new friend Rose uncovered how The First Order was able to tack them and underwent a rouge mission to put a stop to it.
While all that was happening, Rey was trying to convince Luke to not only train her in the ways of the Jedi but to come back and join the Resistance.
Obviously there were subplots and side stories in there as well, but those were the two prime story lines for The Last Jedi.

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The major underlining message to The Last Jedi is that this was a complete break away from the old George Lucas dogma. It really pulls the importance of linage out of ones ability to use the force, while paying homage to the origins of the franchise. 2 of our most mysterious and powerful characters are revealed to be nothing or come from nowhere. Supreme Leader Snoke was a huge topic of speculation since his introduction in The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi gave us no insight to who he is or where he came from before literally cutting him out of the saga. Sure he’s powerful and clearly incredibly evil, but that’s all the substance that we got from Snoke. In true dark side tradition Kylo Ren kills his master and rises to take his place as the lead dark sider, slapping speculators in the face and ultimately rendering Snoke pretty much meaningless to the story as a whole.
Then, probably the most epic slight to Star Wars speculators was the reveal of Rey’s origin. For years there have been countless theories and debates over who Rey is and where she comes from, and in the end we learn that Rey is no one from nowhere, completely crushing every fan theory ever. However, the significance of Rey’s extremely humble identity is one of the most massive and inspirational things to ever happen in Star Wars. Rey’s identity restores the idea that anyone can be a force user, it doesn’t matter at all who your family is, or what your Midi-chlorian count might be. The force is available to all, and just like conventional abilities such as intelligence or physical strength, there are just some who exist that are able to utilize the skill more effectively.

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Now let’s list all of Jay’s “Oh Sh!t” moments:
– Leia uses the force to pull herself through space to safety after her ship is blown up by The First order.
What an incredible way to emphasize just how strong the Skywalker blood line is when is come to the utilization of the force. Silly? Maybe a little, but so fun to see none the less.
P.S. We’ve known that Leia is force sensitive since the end of The Empire Strikes back, and since then she’s had decades to grown with the force. Those fools out there who are crying about how Leia shouldn’t be able to do that, are wrong. It makes complete sense that she’d be able to do that. Again, did it look a little off the way it was shot, sure, I can concede to that, but her ability to do it most definitely does not come into question.

– R2-D2 plays the Princess Leia hologram message from A New Hope again for Luke. Unbelievably touching.

– We got a Yoda cameo!! I was expecting to see some familiar old faces in The Last Jedi that we didn’t get in The Force Awakens, but to be honest, Yoda was not on the list. That was something that came as a really epic surprise. Then Yoda was the one to set the force tree on fire! I really appreciated that they gave us puppet Yoda too.

– Kylo kills Snoke!! And really kills him, Kylo cut that fool in half.

– DJ (Benicio Del Toro’s character) was just a bad guy, he betrayed Finn and Rose and that was is, he never came back to redeem himself.

– BB-8 taking control of an AT-ST was simultaneously epic and adorable. When the AT-ST started firing, I thought it might be DJ’s redemption move… Nope, DJ is just a jerk.

– Vice Admiral Holdo cuts through The First Order at light speed! That was incredible to see.

– Luke faces Kylo and The First Order alone. Then after being crushed by laser fire, and kind of crossing lightsabers with Kylo Ren, it’s relieved that Luke was there as a force illusion.

– As it turns out Luke is not “The Last Jedi”, he tells Kylo that Rey is.

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A couple things others may have missed:
– When Luke faces Kylo, he’s holding a blue lightsaber, Anakin’s lightsaber, the one that Kylo and Rey had ripped apart earlier in the film, subtly hinting at something being off about his physical presence there.

– When Yoda set the Force Tree on fire, the Jedi Journals weren’t in there. At the end of the film we see that Rey has them stashed in a drawer on the Falcon.

– The kid at the end used the force to pull a broom to him, introducing the fact that there are still more force sensitives in the galaxy. A common speculation is that this Kid may be the lead into Rian Johnson’s trilogy.

– Not only are they paving the way for the 3 newer characters to completely take the lead of the remaining Star Wars Legacy saga, by essentially killing off the 3 human Legacy characters.. R2-D2, C-3PO and Chewy have seemingly taken a backseat in this movie as well. None of them really have much to do with the grand story at all.

– Now that Luke is “gone”, and I assume they will reveal the peaceful passing of Leia in the opening crawler for Episode IX, the death of Kylo Ren will officially bring the Skywalker family lineage to an end. I also don’t think Luke is “dead” I expect we’ll see him as a force ghost in the next film.

– Something I missed from The Force Awakens… Poe and Rey hadn’t met previously? Weird.

All and all I couldn’t have been more satisfied by this most recent part of the over all Star Wars Legacy Saga. I really appreciate Disney paying homage to, and showing a genuine respect for where Star Wars came from, while paving the way for the future of the franchise. A perfect example being that even though Luke Skywalker will no longer be the figure head for the force, the “Legend of Luke Skywalker” will seemingly be a remaining source of inspiration within the ongoing Star Wars universe.

P.S. if you want to see how wrong I was with my The Last Jedi predictions, check out my Trailer Talk post!

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