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It’s our first official look at what the Justice League movie has to offer.
I’m stoked, but should I be? It’s hard to say..
I was really excited to see BvS because of the trailers and yet, much like many others, I was greatly let down by what we received in theaters. The extended BluRay edition made for a much better movie, but all and all it was still a very unique take, and introduction to the extended DC cinematic universe (AKA: The DCEU).. it definitely took some time to grow on me.
This first trailer honestly didn’t offer much as far as a plot line for the movie goes. Comic readers are able to piece together what might be going on, but a non-reader film fan won’t have a clue to the magnitude of what’s being eluded to.
However, we did get a good look at our heroes in action, 2 who we’ve seen in full force before, 3 if you count what little we got of The Flash in BvS and Suicide Squad, but personally I’m not counting it.
Ultimately, this trailer was a shorthand introduction to what Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash bring to the table. Which was cool… mostly..
I still really don’t care about Cyborg.. and I’m not sure I ever will. I’m just not a Cyborg fan, I don’t dislike the character, but I’ve never picked up a book or watched a cartoon because Cyborg was in it, he’s just not for me.
The Flash seems cool, I like how they’re visually depicting his speed, but I’m not completely sold on how Ezra Miller is playing Barry Allen.
In my humble opinion, Jason Momoa steals the show as Aquaman in this trailer. His take on Aquaman is incredibly original and honestly I would probably be more interested in this movie if the cast was just Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. If you’re going to be introducing new characters to a powerhouse lineup, they need to hit hard, and I’m afraid that Cyborg and Flash are going to be overshadowed by the rest in turn making for some less than exciting filler.

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The second real taste of this movie we got was from San Diego Comic Con 2017, and they called it a “Comic-Con Sneak Peek”… but this “Sneak Peek” really plays like another trailer

Did they call it a “Sneak Peek” because it’s a fairly long trailer?… Ok, I just need to let that go..
Something to consider when watching this trailer is that it’s our first look at the movie since changing hands from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon, and I feel like it shows..I don’t mean that in a sh!tty way either..
The tone of the film is obviously still undeniably Snyder, however the pacing of the trailer feels way more Whedon inspired making for a really exiting outcome. The first trailer we got was very visually driven, leaving much to be desired as far as insight into the story goes. This trailer provided a much better feel for what we can expect the movie to be about.
Right away, and with good reason, they open with a lot of Wonder Woman, a really good move to ride that success wave. Also seeing Themyscira means so much more after having watched the Wonder Woman movie. I can only assume that had the other heroes had solo movies before diving into this team-up film, it would have only added more emotional depth to all the hero specific visuals.
The voice over was a really fun and an epic tease to DC fans specifically the “No Lanterns” part. As a Green Lantern fanboy, that tickled me immensely.
Another quote that added a ton of heart to this trailer was when Alfred referenced “Exploding windup penguins”.. which with the reports of a total rewrite of the script for the solo Batman film makes me wonder if that’s a nod to who our villain might be.
I’m still really unimpressed with Cyborg… The little bit of his personality that they gave us felt really… robotic.. something that seems like it should make sense, but the Cyborg that I’ve known in the past has always maintained a more human dynamic when he spoke.
I really feel like I’m repeating myself here, but it helps me assure myself that I’m not just running on a bad first impression.. I still can’t figure out what the deal is with Ezra Miller’s Flash… He just doesn’t feel like Barry Allen, or even Wally West for that matter, it’s a really out of nowhere take on the character and is ultimately going to lose, if it hasn’t already, the support of solidified Flash fans. I fell like even newer Flash fans are expecting a more Grant Gustin vibe from the CW The Flash series.
Finally, and this time I’m apologetically going to repeat myself here, Aquaman stole the show.. AGAIN! The underwater scenes were something I was honestly concerned about, but after watching this trailer, they look stunning and any worry I had has been erased.
Oh, and since when did they start adding after credits scenes to trailers?!
What the hell was with that whole Jurassic Park style ending scene with Alfred? I something that just could have been saved for the movie itself.

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