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The last movie that I got to see with both of my parents together was Jurassic Park, so needless to say this franchise holds a special place within me. Mixing precious memories with my life long love of dinosaurs, I’ve made sure never to miss a Jurassic movie and have enjoyed them all to some degree. Obviously some the films were much stronger than others, but never once did I find myself less than thrilled while watching one of these cinematic epics.

Jurassic World was an almost flawless reboot of the franchise and at it’s end left me hungry for more. I was also left a little concerned with how they planned to move the story further. Jurassic World in it’s most basic form was just a retelling of the Jurassic Park scenario. A dinosaur theme park is built, the dinosaurs get out and all hell breaks loose. It’s a fairly straightforward concept that I wasn’t in any way bummed out to see happen again. However, the story that I’ve want to see is the one where the dinosaurs leave the island and begin to overrun the globe, transforming the world we know into a prehistoric dystopia.
Basically, I want Planet of the Apes… but with dinosaurs.

Will my dream come true?
This trailer has me setting my hopes fairly high. The dinosaurs are being forced off the island, but where are they going to go? Will they be following the Lost World blueprint of relocating the animals to civilization? Or is the goal to relocate what dinosaurs they can to another uninhabited island? In the end, I honestly don’t have a preference, I just want to see a true Jurassic World to take shape and become a reality.

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