Jessica Jones Season 2 | Trailer Talk

“What are you?”
“How did you end up like this?”
“Are you going to kill me?”

I love Jessica Jones, but to be honest, I’ve read very little of her in the comics. In print, my experience with Jessica has been knowing her mostly as Luke Cage’s wife and baby mama. However, Krysten Ritter really brings an element to her character that I never picked up on via the printed page, and it’s one that I absolutely adore. Her sarcastic personality and haunted sense of humor are traits that really speak to my own personal attributes. Though she is female, I really feel an almost spiritual connection to Jessica, maybe even more so than with some of the iconic orphan characters that I’ve related to all my life. This is just our first taste of what’s to come from season 2, and what I gather is that even though Jessica has eliminated her physical demon, a tortured past has left a residual imprint on her soul, and this season is about uncovering her unseen demons.

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As someone with a history that will seemingly always be darkened by a shadow of uncertainty, this is a subject that feels very real to me. Answers aren’t always direct and are sometimes better left in the dark, but as a result, there will always be an unrelenting itch to know the truth. Ignorance is one of those rare things that can simultaneously be bliss and a living nightmare.

…I really hope that Spider-Man quote at the end is a nod at the extended MCU. It’s probably not, but I can dream..

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