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It wasn’t better than the first film, but by no means was it any less incredible.. This movie was exactly what it needed to be, a perfect continuation to the ongoing Guardians Of The Galaxy cinematic series.
Personally, I loved this movie, I couldn’t have asked for anything more than exactly what was presented by James Gunn and Marvel Studios.

Much like Age Of Ultron, the movie opens with our team of heroes already engaged in a mission, and not just a throwaway mission… What would be the main event in a lot of lesser films is made out to be just another day in the life of the Guardians. The opening sequence, though incredible grand in nature, was put secondary to a dancing baby Groot, (HA!) reintroducing the tone of the film, much like they did with Star Lord in the first film.

Speaking of the tonality of the movie… The first movie was funny, but Guardians Vol. 2 was HILARIOUS. Drax! Drax was beyond perfect, they took all of his charm from the first film and cranked it up to 11. Almost every character was given an added piece to their individual profile puzzles, specifically 2 somewhat unexpected supporting characters…. but not so much Peter Quill, Peter’s story further played off of substance that was really set up in the first film. The core of Peter’s Vol. 2 arc was centered around his new found father but, at it’s core, was still rooted back to his mother.

Rockets individual saga was compelling and emotional and played directly off one of the aforementioned supporting characters.
Gamora’s personal growth in this film was also triggered by a supporting character, and redefines the relationship that she had with said character in the Guardians Vol.1.
It’s no surprise who these 2 supporting characters are, I mean… they’re on the poster… but I refuse to spoil the details on what plays out and how things transpire… I will say this much though.. Yondu steals the show and directly ties together one of the most epic Marvel reveals ever, giving an original Guardians of the Galaxy his due.

The new additions were all incredibly well executed as well. Mantis was great, not a ton of substance behind her character just yet, but without her the movie would have been lost. The Sovereign, who don’t have an origin based in the Marvel comics, weren’t as exciting as the Nova Corps.. but really, who is?.. that’s not to say I didn’t appreciate them though, because ultimately they matter in a big bad way when it comes to the future of the MCU… You’ll find out in one of the 5 credit scenes.

Oh! Lets talk about Marvel reveals.. Stan Lee’s cameo?! This was hands down Stan Lee’s most epic and most important cameo of all. What I took away from Stan the Man’s Vol.2 cameo is that Stan really is the most important piece of Marvel continuity in the MCU… and it definitely answers why he’s been witness to every monumental event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… The Man is always watching….

All and all Marvel Studios wins again.

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