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No film has ever had as brilliant of a marketing campaign as Deadpool 2. Not even the first Deadpool movie had the same viral impact and variety that it’s sequel does. However, we need to keep in mind, the first Deadpool film was fighting a different battle all together and thus used a completely different strategy to, not only fill theater seats, but to get the movie made the way Ryan Reynolds knew Deadpool fans wanted.

“No Good Deed” technically our first “teaser” for Deadpool 2. No, it’s not titled “Teaser” or “Teaser Trailer” or “Official Teaser Trailer” and I love that. It’s presented as more of a short film. It seemingly has nothing to do with Deadpool 2 or even the first movie for that matter aside from staring Deadpool himself. What it does is it keeps Deadpool fresh in the minds of the fans, and provides a taste of who the character is and what the tone of the first movie was. It offer zero information on what the plot line for the sequel might be, and I feel like it’s safe to say that this footage will not be in Deadpool 2 at all. They even subtly dated the video by putting “Logan” on the theater marquee in the background, placing it post Deadpool and prior to Deadpool 2.

Around 8 short months later, 20th Century Fox gives us our true first teaser for Deadpool 2. How do we know it’s an official teaser?
1. Because Fox posted it on their YouTube channel, unlike the first video which was posted on Ryan Reynolds’ personal YouTube page.
2. Though the video is officially titled “Wet on Wet” they still slid the word “Teaser” into the title, something they didn’t add to the first video.
3. We actually get to see some of what they shot for the movie.

The Deadpool team took a queue from the first video and produced something that is completely unrelated to the upcoming film, yet made something that is arguably just as entertaining and 100% true to the character. Laced within this visual masterpiece is a montage of epic footage from Deadpool 2, giving us a peak at old faces, introducing us to a couple new ones, and at the very end teasing the biggest addition to the franchise.

Free tattoos?! Probably the most ingenious marketing move ever put into effect by a film EVER! I mean.. as a heavily tattooed individual, I may be a little bias in singing the praises of this idea. Needless to say, if I were attending Comic Con Brasil, I’d sign-up in a heartbeat.
Can this be considered a teaser? Absolutely! Why not? They’re doing it as a marketing stunt in promotion of the upcoming movie. Sure it doesn’t show any footage from the movie, but does it need to? Deadpool as a character is the driving force for fans to want to see this movie and the more just Deadpool being Deadpool content that we get the more fans feel inspired to watch anything and everything he’s in. Selling the character is such a better idea than trying to sell the movie itself.
I think a lot of major blockbuster releases these days could learn a thing or 2 from Deadpool.

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