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Holy sh!t… I have been looking forward to this movie every since they accounted that T’Challa was coming to the silver screen. Much like Wonder Woman in BvS, getting that first taste of Black Panther in Captain America Civil War just left me dying for more.
This first glimpse at the Black Panther movie is a legit teaser and not just a short trailer like we sometime get from other films. Though we weren’t given a lot here are some things that I caught…

Wakanda looks PERFECT! We got a our first tease of Wakanda in one to the credit scenes from Captain America: Civil War, but it was nothing compared to what we were given here. (Teaser Time Stamp: 1:05) Speaking of Captain America: Civil War, will we be getting a Bucky cameo?

3 villains! Obviously we’re getting Ulysses Klaue, who was originally introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron. From what I could see he’s still missing an arm, which makes me wonder how long into the movie will he be getting his “Klaw”.

Villain number 2 that I caught was Killmonger (Teaser Time Stamp: 1:09 – With mask, 1:20 – Without Mask) a Wakanda native known for working with Klaw.

The final villain, and one of the most recognizable, was Man-Ape (Clearest Shot at Teaser Time Stamp 1:31), another Wakanda native and one of the most classic nemeses of Black Panther’s next to Klaw.

There wasn’t a whole lot shown to provide any insight into plot or story line, but I feel like it’s safe to say that Marvel has proven that they know how to deliver.

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