BatMan #21: The Button Part 1 | Comic Spotlight

This is our first issues since the big opening issue for DC’s Rebirth.. And it took long enough to finally get here.
In case you’re one of the few still in the dark to what’s going on, let me bring you up to Speed… HA! (You’ll figure out why that’s funny here in a sec).

DC’s rebirth revealed that an unknown force has been manipulating the DC Universe.. Though we’re not exactly sure for how long.. Another big todo to come out of Rebirther is the return of (the original) Wally West! Wally is the one who informed us about the unknown outside source f*cking with our reality. Long story short, The New 52 wasn’t all that we thought, or were lead to believe, it was.. The only clue we have to what’s really going on was left lodged in the wall of the Batcave by a bolt of lightning. A single yellow smiley face button, with a little bit of blood on it.

And that’s what we were left with, for the better part of a year…. Wally West, A bloody Smiley Face, and a sh!t ton of questions.

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FLASH forward to now, Bruce, after having dealt with a sibling pair of superpower super fans, Bane some monsters and a Psycho Pirate, finally had a second to relax and redirect his focus onto the yellow smiley button…or so I thought…
You’d think Batman would know better than to jus leave things lying around…
In a fairly unexpected turn of events, the yellow button, that Batman had left sitting on a table next to Psycho Pirate’s mask, started reacting to the mask… Which apparently triggered some sort of Reverse Flash homing beacon because guess who turned up out of nowhere to kick the ever living hell out of Batman.

After 12 seconds of blurred fists and a lot of blood, Ol’ Eobard decided to touch something that didn’t belong to him, and that bloody little button sent Thawne to see God… Or so that’s what Eobard said before he was disintegrated to nothing more than a pile of bones wrapped in a thrashed Reverse Flash costume.
Then In came Barry…. Next Issue Flash #21: “The Button Part 2”.

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Now for my review… I LOVE IT!
I mean, they haven’t come out and just said it, but I think collectively as fans we can all agree that DC is tying their standard DC Universe to The Watchmen, and ohhhhh the possibilities. I applaud DC on this move, it’s like a Reese’s Cup, 2 great things coming together to make one delicious piece of magic…. Not the best analogy, I just happen to have peanut butter cups on the brain right now.. But you get what I’m trying to say.