Skeleton Crue Brand is an independent digital media brand founded by Jay Leal.
Our focus is to produce brand oriented content and products created through the mediums of digital Video, Photo, Audio and Graphic Design.
All projects are lead by Jay Leal, and supported by a hand picked “Crue” of creators.

Skeleton Crue Brand Videos are produced, shot and directed by Jay Leal and, if needed, a team comprised of talent specifically selected to compliment the vision of the project.
Original content for major online streaming platforms is our ultimate goal. Producing not only regular videos for our “CrueTube” page but, original series, short films, features and documentaries.
Skeleton Crue Brand Photos isn’t our prime focus when it comes to digital media production, but it’s still fun. Posters, calendars, photo books, etc..

Skeleton Crue Brand Graphics and Designs, the backbone of our line of streetwear and apparel! Original designs that are theme based or manipulated tributes to what has inspired and influenced the creative drive behind Skeleton Crue Brand.

The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcasts network plays host to a number of different podcasts that are individually produced by some of Jay Leal’s favorite minds, personalities and creators. Our current collection of Skeleton Crue Brand Podcasts consists of Geek Core with Jay Leal, In Your Pocket with Feildmouse, Comic Crypt, Biff Bam Bort!, Hero Bishop’s Bitchin Podcast, Mixed Tag Talk and Sarlacc Spit.

Privacy Policy

Digital Media Services: JayLeal@SkeletonCrueBrand.com

Podcasts: Podcasts@SkeletonCrueBrand.com

Orders: Contact@SkeletonCrueBrand.com