Skeleton Crue Brand is the working title for all productions and products from Leal Legacy Digital Media & Design.

We strive to provide the highest quality freelance and contracted digital media services, as well as produce intriguingly original brand oriented content and merchandise.

All projects are lead by Jay Leal, and supported by a hand picked “Crue” of like minded creators.

Skeleton Crue Brand Videos producing short films, features, documentaries, music videos, live show coverage and original content for major online streaming platforms and digital distribution. Every project is lead by Jay Leal with a team comprised of creative talents specifically selected to compliment the needs of every vision.

Skeleton Crue Brand Photos meticulously tailored still images that capture a moment in time, or create a window into another world, from shot to edit.

Skeleton Crue Brand Graphics and Designs, creating visually stimulating and eye catching pieces that refuse to go unnoticed. The backbone of our line of streetwear and apparel. Original designs that are theme based or manipulated tributes to what has inspired and influenced the creative drive behind Skeleton Crue Brand.

The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcasts network plays host to a number of different podcasts that are individually produced by Jay Leal and friend. Currently the Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast network includes The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast, Comic Crypt, and Biff! Bam! Bort!.

Privacy Policy

Digital Media Services: JayLeal@SkeletonCrueBrand.com

Podcasts: Podcasts@SkeletonCrueBrand.com

Orders: Contact@SkeletonCrueBrand.com